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Key: SQ-675
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Reporter: Bert Freudenberg
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Break up very long strings for translators

Created: 08/Mar/10 10:27 AM   Updated: 22/Mar/12 08:23 AM
Component/s: etoys, translation
Fix Version/s: future release

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(original report by Clytie Siddall of the Vietnamese Free Software Translation Team at )

Updating our etoys translation today, I encountered an extremely long string. I won't quote it here, since it's two-and-a-half pages long on my screen in a text editor, but it's string 1225 in Pootle, and starts like this in the PO file:

#: Morphic-Flaps,Flaps_class>>explainFlapsText
msgid ""
"Flaps are like drawers on the edge of the screen, which can be opened so that you can use what is inside them, and closed when you do not need them. They have many possible uses, a few of which are illustrated by the default set of flaps you can get as described below.\n"

Please divide this enormous string into paragraphs, one paragraph per translation string. Ideally, a translation string should not be more than one or two sentences long. However, most of the paragraphs in this multi-page string are reasonably short and independent: they will translate effectively as standalone strings.

(Reminder for developers: long strings are bad localization practice! Translators avoid them, since they have very little time available (thus you don't get the translation); there's much more room for error and confusion (so you get bad translations); translators can't review the string properly (more errors); and finally, most translation editors don't expect long strings, so they don't handle them well (confused and grumpy translators).

Clytie Siddall added a comment - 16/Mar/10 03:49 AM
There are more long strings needing segmentation, e.g.

#: Morphic-Games,SameGame>>helpString
msgid ""
"The object of SameGame is to maximize your score by removing tiles from the board. Tiles are selected and removed by clicking on a tile that has at least one adjacent tile of the same color (where adjacent is defined as up, down, left, or right).\n"
"The first click selects a group of adjacent tiles, a second click in that group will remove it from the board, sliding tiles down and right to fill the space of the removed group. If you wish to select a different group, simply click on it instead.\n"
"The score increases by \"(selection - 2) squared\", so you want to maximize the selection size as much as possible. However, making small strategic selections may allow you to increase the size of a later selection.\n"
"If you are having a hard time finding a group, the \"Hint\" button will find one and select it for you (although it is likely not the best group to select!).\n"
"When there are no more groups available, the score display will flash with your final score. Your final score is reduced by 1 for each tile remaining on the board. If you manage to remove all tiles, your final score is increased by a bonus of 5 times the number of tiles on a full board.\n"
"Come on, you can beat that last score! Click \"New game\" ;-)\n"
"SameGame was originally written by Eiji Fukumoto for UNIX and X; this version is based upon the same game concept, but was rewritten from scratch."

Clytie Siddall added a comment - 20/Mar/10 03:50 AM
And another one:

#: Morphic-Mentoring,EventRecordingSpace>>helpString
msgid ""
"The Event Theatre provides a framework for authoring \"event-movies\". It uses custom variants of the Navigator, the Supplies flap, the painting system, property sheets, Viewer flaps, etc., all of which reside within the controlled confines of the Theatre.\n"

One-and-a-half pages in my text-editor. I suggest segmenting all helpStrings over one sentence or short paragraph.

Clytie Siddall added a comment - 20/Mar/10 05:13 AM
And yet another:

#: Morphic-Mentoring,EventRollMorph>>helpString
msgid ""
"An Event Roll is a used to visualize and edit the score, or \"tape\", of an Event Theatre's \"event movie\".\n"
"The Roll shows three \"tracks\", one for all Mouse events, one for Keyboard events, and one for all other events, such as sound.\n"

1.75 pages in my text editor. <sigh>

You know, I'm getting tired, but I can keep translating one string at a time, as long as they're not too long. A 1.75 page string just makes my eyes glaze over at this point. Segment that string into sentence-length strings, and I can keep on translating, because it's only one step at a time, not jumping over a house. Volunteers don't have a lot of time or energy to contribute. Use this resource wisely.

Clytie Siddall added a comment - 09/Apr/10 01:24 AM
Here's another one:

#: Morphic-Stacks,StackMorph_class>>stackHelpWindow
msgid ""
"A \"stack\" is a place where you can create, store, view and retrieve data "
"\"fields\" from a set of \"cards\". Data that you want to occur on every "
"card (such as a name and an address in an Address Stack) are represented by "
"objects such as \"Simple Text\", \"Fancy Text\", and \"Scrolling Text\" that "
"you obtain from the Stack Tools flap.\n"

One whole page in my text editor. You know, in a translation editor, we can't even see the original string while translating, because it's too long to display both the original string and the translation field at the same time! This does not lead to good translations.

Clytie Siddall added a comment - 10/Apr/10 04:42 AM
Here's another one:

#: Morphic-Scripting,AllScriptsTool>>helpString
msgid ""
"This tool allows you to see all the scripts for all the objects in this "

2.25 pages in my text editor.

Clytie Siddall added a comment - 12/Apr/10 04:06 AM
Here's another one:

#: Sound-Interface,RecordingControls>>helpString
msgid ""
"Press \"Record\" to start recording. Press Stop when finished recording.\n"
"After making a recording, you can:\n"

Not as long as the others, but still too long for a translatable string. Please divide it into one discrete sentence or paragraph per string.

Clytie Siddall added a comment - 12/Apr/10 04:27 AM
And again:

#: Sound-Interface,SoundLibraryTool>>helpString
msgid ""
"This tool allows you to view and manage the \"Sound Library\", which is the "
"list of named sounds that can be used in the tile-scripting system.\n"

Clytie Siddall added a comment - 21/Apr/10 04:29 AM
Another one:

#: System-Support,Preferences_class>>giveHelpWithPreferences
msgid ""
"Many aspects of the system are governed by the settings of various "
"\"Preferences\". \n"

Nearly one full page in my text editor.